Magical MaidsMagical Maids

General Cleaning

We provide two uniformed ladies with all supplies and equipment to clean and disinfect bathrooms, empty trash, windex mirrors, dust furniture, including knick-knacks, picture frames, window sills and ceiling fans: vacuum carpeted areas, sweep & mop floor areas, clean and disinfect the kitchen, including the microwave, stove top and the top of the refrigerator (if accessible) ; we remove all rugs, shake, vacuum and replace before we leave.


Green Cleaning

The Cleaning Authority: Clean Homes. Clean Earth.

Cleaning Green is the newest in keeping with the all natural lifestyle, which is healthy for everyone. Magical Maids is very new to cleaning green, because that is the way we were raised, but they now have all naturals cleaners that provide a healthier lifestyle. Eco-friendly cleaning is more than just a trend; it signifies a healthy and much-needed shift in thinking as more people choose to take steps necessary to protect themselves, their loved ones, and the environment.

Using green home cleaning business practices makes sense and protects our customers, and our planet. We’re proud to share green home cleaning tips and practices in hopes that our communities follow suit.


Fall/Spring Cleaning

We do a General Cleaning along with wiping/cleaning all baseboards, windexing inside windows, cleaning/wiping down doors, light switch plates, door frames, cleaning out refrigerator, cleaning/degreasing oven and stove tops.


Janitorial Cleaning

We do cleaning for office buildings and businesses, after hours/weekends or during hours. We are responsible for keys and secuirty codes. We dust, empty trash, vacuum, clean and disinfect bathrooms.



Our employees come dressed in black & white with a tuxedo apron (bow tie if requested), they will prepare and set up the food, keep the food refreshed, keep your party free from trash and then we will break down the food tables, wash all dishes and clean the kitchen area.



Our employees come dressed in black & white with a tuxedo apron (bow tie if requested), they will setup the bar, serve drinks and then we can break down the bar when finished.