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Are we required to sign a contract with Magical Maids?
No, we work on an open relationship and no contracts are required, you can set up regular service, i.e., Weekly, Bi-weekly or whenever you need us.

How does Magical Maids estimate the price of the cleaning?
We do just that, estimate, we will ask you your square footage and how often does your home get cleaned and then give you an estimated price, depending on how often your home had been cleaned in the past, pets, kids, etc., but when we arrive the ladies will know then if it will take longer and they will discuss it with the customer.

Should I pre-clean before the girls get to my home?
You shouldn’t pre-clean, but everything should be picked up and put away in order for the ladies to spend their time cleaning, instead of picking up, since we do charge by the hour.

Does someone have to be home when the ladies are cleaning?
No, most of our clients are professional and work during our working hours, therefore you may opt to leave a key or if you choose to provide a key to the office, your key is kept locked up in the office until the day of your cleaning.

Does your company provide the cleaning supplies?
Yes, we provide name brand cleaning supplies, along with a vacuum, that is cleaned in between each home, mop & bucket which the company provides to the ladies. The only thing we ask the customers to supply are trash bags, paper towels and any special cleaning products.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?
We ask that our customers give us a 24 hour notice of any cancellations or rescheduling, it’s courtesy to our ladies and other clients scheduled.

Will the same ladies come to clean every time?
Most of the time, yes, but things do come up and the same ladies cannot come. We do try to send the same team or at least one of the original team members.